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Heineken Silver Smooooth Warehouse Party

15 June 2022 | 7:30PM

3,000 fans will be among the first in Singapore to enjoy Heineken Silver against a backdrop of retro arcades and pulsating beats from an international line-up of music artists.
Lineup: Flight Facilities (Australia), Palms Trax (Germany), Floyd Lavine (South Africa), and Ice Cream Sundays (Singapore).

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Flock at The Nest
Blue. By Rudi Osman
Featuring Sonia Kwek
Presented by xue

30 September 2022 | 7:30PM

Experience blue., a riveting prayer on electric guitar, and a droning, contemplative passage towards redemption, spread across a haunting landscape. Rudi Osman, guitarist of Singaporean post-hardcore band A Vacant Affair, makes his solo debut, taking us through the icy desolation of a deafeningly quiet depression. Accompanying him will be movement artist and butoh practitioner Sonia Kwek, who will interact with a giant ice-platform as part of this borrealic underworld. Presented by Xue, blue.‘s tempest seeks to cut through the stupor of the sedentary tropics, itself an alluring odyssey of hell freezing over.

So don’t miss this interdisciplinary performance on 30 Sept 2022 (Friday) at 7:30pm at the Pasir Panjang Power Station. Tickets at $35 are on sale now, so get your tickets before they are gone.

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Strong, bold, assured. The distinctive, red-bricked industrial building holds a very special position in Singapore’s history, being located at the Greater Southern Waterfront, which is the next area of transformation for the nation.

Completed in the early 1950s, it is one of the country’s first engines of power before being decommissioned in the 1980s. Today, its unique architecture, with 13,500 sqm of raw, adaptable space, makes it the go-to destination for all kinds of exciting, creative pollinations; a haven for out-of-the-box ideas to take root and bloom.


27 Pasir Panjang Road, S117537
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