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12 October 2023

Catch mxmtoon’s first ever performance in Singapore. The voice of a new generation, Maia’s pop artistry is a welcome curveball in the sea of sameness. Profound yet relatable, pensive and joyful, we’re beyond convinced that you’ll vibe with mxmtoon.

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Bards of neverland

8 December 2023 | 9:30PM

Experience classical music anew with Bards of Neverland, as their debut DIFFERENT journeys through a dynamic program of hope and tragedy. From romanticism to minimalism, the historic Pasir Panjang Power Station provides a unique auditory and emotional journey.

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From Outer Grey
by KoFlow

21 July 2023 | 7:30PM

Collaborating with Tangent Moves, KoFlow fearlessly blends electronica and classical strings, forging an electrifying sonic realm. With a diverse lineup of talented musicians like violist and ambient producer Mervin Wong; violinist and Lorong Boys co- founder David Loke etc, KoFlow solidifies his dynamic force in the music scene.

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17 June 2023 | Various Timings

An indie music festival which celebrates the spirit of independence and self-expression, and presents a cutting-edge line-up of Chinese indie bands.

Line-up: 麋先生 MIXER / 旺福 Wonfu / 甜约翰Sweet John / 9m88 / 守夜人 Night Keepers / 海豚刑警 Iruka Porisu / 温室杂草 Easy Weeds / Joe Ng, Tiko Disko, 兔魔耍正 TUMOZAZEN

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The Alex Blake Charlie presents Laufey

03 June 2023 | 7:30PM

Think modern jazz meets bedroom pop: singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laufey is definitely the girl to know. Her jazz-inflected, classical pop is certain to charm all.

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The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions

21 - 25 February 2023 | Various Timings

The one day of indie pop, rock, folk, shoegaze and techno music heartened, cheered and inspired you. Your enthusiasm for our female-led programme affirmed us. We heard you … so, we’re back!
Line-up: Coming Up Roses / Deb Never / Didi Han / Ichiko Aoba / Kindergarchy / Luna Li / Lyn Lapid / Nicolette / Nusha / Rempit Godde$$ / Soccer Mommy / Thuy

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Flock at The Nest
blue. by Rudi Osman
Featuring Sonia Kwek
Presented by Xue

30 September 2022 | 7:30PM

Experience blue., a riveting prayer on electric guitar, and a droning, contemplative passage towards redemption, spread across a haunting landscape.

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Flock at The Nest | Budak Pantai

26 August 2022 | 7:30PM

Closer and Personaller* with Budak Pantai at this Flock series.
* Caution: do not use such language at home.

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Projector X: Electric Cinema

6 - 8 May 2022 | Various Timings

The Pasir Panjang Power Station becomes a haven for cinephiles with its first partnership with The Projector.
Screening: Tiong Bahru Social Club / Metropolis / The Electric Life of Louis Wain / Reel Rock / Blade Runner: The Final Cut – 40th anniversary / Walk With Me / Singing in the Rain – 70th anniversary / Dune

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Seasons in Sessions | Northern Lights

1 May 2022 | 6:00PM

A sprawling drama of strings and experimentalism in silvery winter, lovely in its lustrous darkness.
Line-up: Bards of Neverland / Intriguant, Kiat + Aya Sekine feat. Thesupersystem / Koflow + David Loke / Mervin Wong / Red Dot Baroque

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Flock at The Nest | Lorong Boys

29 April 2022 | 7:30PM

It’s Flock with a twist. Find out what the Lorong Boys are up to. So, are they pop, jazz or classical?

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Christmas in April Done Right, According to Budak Pantai

1 April 2022 | 8:00PM

Budak Pantai are back for a full-length concert on April Fool’s Day. You know this is not a joke because they say they will be celebrating Christmas!

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Flock at The Nest | Mervin Wong

25 March 2022 | 8:00PM

Flock at the Nest kicks off the return of live shows at the Pasir Panjang Power Station in 2022 with a wonderfully ethereal performance by sound artist/electronic producer Mervin Wong.

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27 December 2020 | 2:00PM

In this immersive, multi-media experience – part of Thread, the new literary programming of 24OWLS – four poets and two illustrators partake in a collective visual/creative game of inspiration.
Line-up: Writers – Charlene Shepherdson / Crispin Rodrigues / Marylyn Tan / Gwee Li Sui; Illustrators – Darel Seow / Weng Pixin

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Flock - The Xmas Edition

20 December 2020 | 2:30PM & 8:30PM

Festive music that puts a smile on even Scrooge’s face and throws a glimmer of hopeful cheer, at the Pasir Panjang Power Station. Yes, live.
Line-up: Aisyah Aziz / Lorong Boys / Nathan Hartono

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The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions

7 December 2019 | 10AM Onwards

A groundbreaking female-centric music festival, featuring numerous acclaimed acts, many of whom are making their Singaporean debuts.
Line-up: Cate Le Bon / Charly Bliss / Ginette Chittick / Goat Girl / Kero Kero Bonito / Ladies of LCD Soundsystem / SOAK / Stella Donnelly / Vandetta

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Strong, bold, assured. The distinctive, red-bricked industrial building holds a very special position in Singapore’s history, being located at the Greater Southern Waterfront, which is the next area of transformation for the nation.

Completed in the early 1950s, it is one of the country’s first engines of power before being decommissioned in the 1980s. Today, its unique architecture, with 13,500 sqm of raw, adaptable space, makes it the go-to destination for all kinds of exciting, creative pollinations; a haven for out-of-the-box ideas to take root and bloom.


27 Pasir Panjang Road, S117537
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