24OWLS Playlist – A Desert of My Own by Corrinne Wang

24OWLS Playlist – A Desert of My Own by Corrinne Wang

One thing her colleagues have come to realise about Corrinne Wang is that she marches to the beat of her own drum.

Asked what she does in the 24OWLS office, she declares: “I’m Corrinne, the office desk inspector. When no one is around, I go around inspecting their desks.”

In reality, she belongs to a core design duo which routinely comes up with some of our eye-popping key visuals for many of our events, ranging from collaterals to socials. A graduate with a diploma in design for communication and experiences from LASALLE College of the Arts, Corrinne has a specific aesthetic when it comes to her own dressing – black, black, black.

Her own musical proclivities, however, aren’t so monochromatic, but they are certainly leftfield. “I have had several phases where I listened to a certain genre continuously for a couple of months, until something else piques my interest,” she explains.

Her taste is omnivorous – anything from gabber, a subgenre of hardcore techno which became popular in the Netherlands in the early 1990s; to Klangkuenstler, a Berlin-based house DJ; to bossa nova staples (Tom Jobim, Lisa Ono); to “post-bossa” divas such as Maria Bethânia and Ana Carolina; to Iranian and Turkish folk; to neo-classical musicians such as Nils Frahm and Joep Beving.

Then, she adds, there is “a whole bunch of mish-mash sub-sub electronic genres that I have no idea how to differentiate or categorise.”

Where does she turn to for her musical education? “I discovered a bulk of the music I like through less romantic outlets, like SoundCloud’s ‘related tracks’ or YouTube recommendations,” she reveals. “I feel SoundCloud is a better platform to discover all kinds of lesser known, experimental, unheard-of remixes by independent artists.”

Come join Corrinne in this sojourn to regions far and wide, with a unique playlist comprising tracks which have “stuck with me through this ‘carousel’ process of genres over the years.”

Here’s her playlist:

1.  Man Mast – Mohsen Namjoo

“Mohsen’s music has a sense of sombre mournfulness. This is from his 2014 album, Trust the Tangerine Peel.”

2. Baroon – Mohsen Namjoo

“This track is taken from the same album. The parts where he was crying out, at the edge of wailing, are simply piercing. The live versions, which you can find on YouTube, better articulate the anguish.”

3. Mah O Mahi – Hojat Ashrafzadeh

“The longing in his voice is absolutely heart-wrenching.”

4. Man O To – Nu

“I was hooked from the first few bars when my colleague played it. The lyrics are from a love poem by the Persian poet Rumi.”

5. Katip Arzuhalim – Acid Pauli & Jamie Remix – Selda Bağcan, Acid Pauli & Jamie Remix


6. Dle Yaman (116 Deep Mix) – Hraach


7. Aldebaran – Armen Miran + Hraach


8. Flight of Birds – Bedouin

“It was through remixes like these that opened my eyes to Iranian/Armenian/Turkish folk music.”

9. Mirage – Goldcap

“Everything released by the company Sol Selectas is a bop.”

10. Says – Nils Frahm


11. Ambre – Nils Frahm


12. Ab Ovo – Joep Beving

“It’s nice waking up to Nils Frahm/Joep Beving. Their music emanates calmness. Best taken on cold, quiet mornings.”

13. Pompidou – Portico Quartet

“Please give me a minute to think about this one. I’m quite stumped as to why I like this.”

14. Realist Alive ft Lil B – Clams Casino

“When cloud rap was a thing. It was pretty much a dream come true to see him perform for Laneway Festival Singapore in 2016. Though his live set that night didn’t give me that ‘high’ I felt in his music…”

15. Caves – Nosaj Thing

“I have been a fan of electronic producer Jason Chung since college. I got to experience his live set at Kyō, my first ‘proper’ job where I met some of the most interesting characters.”

16. Moments In Love – The Art Of Noise

“Timeless. It shook me when I found out that this track was released in the 1980s.”

17. Roads – Portishead


18. Deer Stop – Goldfrapp

“There was a period when I was drawn to poignant tracks with haunting vocals.”

19. Open – Rhye

“A friend brought me to catch him when he was performing at TAB in 2015. I was absolutely enthralled by his androgynous voice.”

20. Beautiful – Meshell Ndegeocello

“I can feel the love, intimacy and tenderness she has for the person she sings about. It is indeed beautiful.”

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