24OWLS Playlist – Shine On You Crazy Diamonds! by Josaiah Chong

24OWLS Playlist – Shine On You Crazy Diamonds! by Josaiah Chong

For those of you who had the fortune of attending The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions (ABC), the female-fronted music festival and our inaugural event at our new home, Pasir Panjang Power Station, back in December 2019, you may remember the distinctive and intricate Art Nouveau design for its key visual which ties in the various activation spaces throughout the venue.

You have to thank Josaiah Chong, one half of the 19SixtyFive/24OWLS design duo (alongside Corrinne Wang), for that. Its sinewy curlicues are part of his expansive creative palette, which can be witnessed in its full glory on his own website. Born in Kuching, Malaysia and “with very deep roots in Singapore,” Josh, as he is affectionately known among friends and colleagues, is currently based in Berlin, and works with Corrinne remotely to come up with the brand identity and visual expression for the company’s numerous initiatives.

A music aficionado, he remembers one of his earliest memories was of his father playing Pink Floyd’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ for him “like a lullaby.” He says: “My Dad laid the groundwork for my eclectic taste. Some days it was Pink Floyd, and others, it’d be Amii Stewart, and then Teresa Teng. Growing up with such varied songs really made me appreciate different genres.”

When he got older, Josh ended up in Singapore right after his studies in Malaysia. “I went to a university in JB and was coming in almost every weekend to go to Zouk where I really got into electronic music,” he recalls fondly. “By the time I’d finished, I was offered a job at St James Power Station. I stayed in Singapore doing a whole bunch of different things for eight years before I moved to Berlin.”

“Nightlife has massively influenced my life, and continues to do so, even if I can’t go out with the current situation,” he declares.

He rues the pandemic as a collective experience which has affected everybody in Berlin – “It’s been quite shocking to see so many things like restaurants, cafes, events, bars, and clubs that make up the fabric of this city struggle and some disappear altogether.”

The circumstances have also taken on “an oddly positive twist” for him. “While work has been a bit of a struggle, it’s really taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life, and to be grateful for what I have,” he says, adding, “needless to say, my house is in the best shape ever, as I spent a lot of my time fixing things in the house, doing up the garden, et cetera.”

As for putting together his Playlist, Josh says it does not follow a specific theme. “Instead I went through my Most Played/Liked songlist on Spotify. I think it gives a good indication of my musical journey from when I was a kid to now,” he says.

Here’s his playlist:

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 – Pink Floyd

“This track brings back memories of my childhood, and to me is a masterpiece :)”

2. Mind Flowers – Ultimate Spinach

“Another psychedelic track that carries you away with every listen.”

3. THE BRICK – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

“I’m a huge fan of Trent Reznor, and I really love it when he scores TV/movies. This was from the Watchmen TV series.”

4. The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning – The Smashing Pumpkins

“Also a Watchmen track, but from the movie. I remember watching the trailer and hearing this version of ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’ from the Batman and Robin movie, and thinking it was amazing.”

5. ONE MAN ARMY – Prodigy, Tom Morello

“Also another movie track, this time from the Spawn soundtrack. I loved this one for combining rock and electronic elements which was visionary for its time.”

6. Keys to the Kingdom – UNKLE

“I’m a huge fan of UNKLE, and this is a track that I really love.”

7. Three – Massive Attack

“I love this Massive Attack track for toeing the line between being upbeat and moody.”

8. Mustat Varjot – Roberto Rodriguez

“I’m a huge fan of sweeping sounds, and I think this track really makes you feel like you’re in a lush Ibiza soundscape.”

9. Tehran 1979 – Brian Reitzell, Debbie Harry

“Another TV series track, this time from American Gods. I loved it in the scene it was used for and it’s a bonus that Debbie Harry is singing on it.”

10. Never Forever – Future Beat Alliance

“I like this track for sounding a little bit jungly, but still carrying a groove without driving bass.”

11. Acid Bells – Efdemin

“This track almost sounds like a Hitchcock movie, especially the part when the bells go off like a little snapshot of the descent into madness (in a good way).”

12. Subspace Two – Terence Fixmer

“I’m a huge fan of deep bass sounds but without it sounding too dark. This is a prime example of it.”

13. 70007B – Wax

“Also another deep track. I love the synths on this one and how it feels drivin’ but sexy at the same time.”

14. Deep Dark Grimey Dancefloor Moment – Jad & The

“I love the slightly jazzy feel of this track. I always feel like dancing when I listen to it.”

15. Only Human – KH, Four Tet

“Also another dance track for me, but it’s even more interesting that the vocals are sampled from a Nelly Furtado song.”

16. Once Upon a Club (2011 Edit) – Chris Simmonds

“This reminds me of going out in Berlin when I first came here. I love the positive vibe and it always takes me back to big smiles and the feeling of togetherness on the dancefloor.”

17. Trimmers (Instinct (UK) Remix) – Frankel & Harper, Instinct (UK)

“I love a good jungle/garage track and this really gets me going.”

18. Gone Too Soon – 2 Bad Mice

“This is one of my favourite tracks… positive and happy and one that you can’t help but move to.”

19. It’s a Fine Day – Opus III

“Something from the 1990s. I remember listening to this track when I started getting into electronic music. It reminds me of a time when things were just a little bit more simple :)”

20. Movin’ on Up – Primal Scream

“Ending on a super positive note, I love putting this on at the start of the day to set the tone for the rest of it :)”

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