The secret to the best music at the best venue: The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions at the Pasir Panjang Power Station.

The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions offer a big-tent approach to music, filling the large and accessible industrial heritage building with some of the decade’s boldest, most notable indie musicians.



A/K/A SOUNDS is the stage name of Amanda Keisha Ang, a house, disco and techno ninja who is also part of the Singapore all-girl music and art collective ATTAGIRL!. A fixture in the city’s late-night party scene, she’s also a multi-tasking extraordinaire who is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.



The ALMA tsunami is unstoppable: everybody wants to work with this Finnish pop heroine and alumna of Finland’s Idols. She dishes out instant pop hooks and has a gorgeously raspy voice to go with those bold-coloured locks. No wonder Elton John is a declared fan of her mega-hit ‘Chasing Highs’, and some of pop’s biggest femme stars – Charli XCX, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus – are scrambling to work with her.



Norwegian artist Anna Lotterud aka Anna of the North makes dream-pop so pristine, it could soundtrack a winter disco or a fjord expedition. After rising to fame with the single ‘Sway’ in 2014, and a remix by The Chainsmokers, she went on to work with Kygo and Tyler, The Creator. Expect more singalong singles from her eagerly-awaited second album, Dream Girl.



She’s a musician’s musician whose songs can sound zany, cool, familiar, erudite, and downright suspenseful. Freak-folkie Devendra Banhart praises her latest album Reward as “a masterpiece” and “incredibly sophisticated”; and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco said she is “one of the best out there making music now”. The Mercury Prize-nominated Welsh musician also co-produced Deerhunter’s latest album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?.



From Brooklyn come this exciting New York alt-rock four-piece Charly Bliss, who swerve from bubblegum rock to new-wave in the blink of an eye. They are clearly ear-marked for bigger things. Their newest album Young Enough is roundly garlanded, with wonderful anthemic sing-alongs led by Eva Hendricks’ spry, sinewy vocals.



Touted as one of the most exhilarating live acts to emerge in the last few years, this Icelandic-Brit punk-rock trio – comprising vocalist Rakel Mjöll, guitarist Alice Go and bassist Bella Podpadec – kick serious butt. How cool are they, oozing steely charisma while dishing out groovilicious feminist anthems the likes of ‘Somebody’ and ‘F.U.U.’, skewering rape culture and body image with one laser stare and a blistering snarl.



Best known as the bassist for the Singaporean dream-pop band Astreal, she’s an impressive inter-disciplinary artist who revels in the interstices of music, fashion and visual arts. A professional DJ, she will spin the ultimate indie rock set of tunes.



Another band on a meteoric rise. This all-female South London foursome do not suffer fools. Taking their moniker from comedian Bill Hicks’ alter-ego ‘Goat Boy’, they take on anything from national apathy to sexual harassment on public transport – with such genre-busting sass. They rock hard, spit punk, and seldom smile. Time to genuflect.



Hop on the Bonito train as Sarah Bonito raps through a Rolodex of English, Japanese, and yes, Japlish too! Together with bandmates Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled, they spool leftfield earworms, stitching J-pop, dancehall and video-game soundtrack with freewheeling gusto. They will make you dance, and yes, smile sheepishly.



From the Grammy-winning New York dance-punk icons LCD Soundsystem, come the two synth maestros, Nancy Whang and Rayna Russom. It’s a coup to witness these two legends in action, as they promise to ransack music’s coffers from punk and disco to funk and techno, and leave you gasping for more.



You won’t mistake this Stockholm native for any other newcomer. Hailed as the finest Swedish pop export since Robyn, she flaunts a throaty rasp in her formidable vocal arsenal, which explains why she’s got fans such as Katy Perry who championed her first single ‘Tired of Talking’ in 2015. Born Lotta Lindgren, she’s been making heads turn with a series of exquisite EPs, and an infectious self-titled debut album, launched in March this year.



Back in 2014, the Derry native was already singled out as one of the acts on the BBC prestigious longlist. Her debut album, Before We Forgot How To Dream, nabbed the Irish Choice Music Prize Album of the Year 2015. Still in her early 20s, Bridie Monds-Watson, who goes by the stage name SOAK (a phonetic portmanteau of “soul” and “folk”), has expanded her sound from understated, atmospheric folk to riveting, dream pop with a richly layered follow-up called Grim Town.



Watch out for this indie-folk assassin! The Welsh-Aussie newcomer purrs so sweetly, but her aim is true: bullies, chauvinists, anyone who wrongs her and the society. Prepare to get slayed by her delicate, funny, and vital charm, as evidenced in her feted debut album, Beware of the Dogs.



Vandetta is the R&B, soul, experimental pop persona of Vanessa Fernandez. A chameleonic presence, she flits between genres easily – from electronica to the alt-R&B corner of the planet. One of the most underrated talents in the scene here, she’s been reviewed in Pitchfork, and deserves all the breaks.


Aeropalmics | Singapore

Instagram: @aeropalmics

Aeropalmics is a Singaporean artist and multidisciplinary creative best known for her steadfast attention to detail within her pencil and papercut pieces that range from the pleasing to the macabre. She finds inspiration in the everyday, focusing on the nuances of the human condition – birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality – coupled with references to the natural world.

Her work at #AlexBlakeCharlie:
Bearded Moss and Garment Green: Throughout history, serpents traditionally represent creative life forces. As snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth, they are regarded as symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. Paired with the lovely chrysanthemum, which symbolises longevity and optimism, the two reflect on the cycle of life and death. Inspired by the deep jade-green brand feel of The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions, this drawing celebrates the youth, boldness and creativity of music and art lovers.

Diela Maharanie

Diela Maharanie | Indonesia

Instagram: @dielamaharanie

Diela Maharanie is a self-taught artist and illustrator. Her works, while often bright and colourful and filled with vibrant patterns and super-saturated hues, hint at mystery for her characters. For her, the best thing about being an illustrator is producing images for diverse content. She has worked for brands such as Instagram, Apple, Adidas, and

Her works at #AlexBlakeCharlie:

Follow the Beat!: This artwork celebrates the enjoyment of music and following the beat.


Manje (Shany Ahmed) | Malaysia

Instagram: @tiggmanje

Mariyam Shany Ahmed, otherwise known as Manje, is a visual artist and muralist based in Kuala Lumpur. She works primarily using traditional mediums such as acrylics, inks and gold-leaf. While Manje’s works mainly explore the relationships between nature, feminine beauty and fantasy, she is also influenced by cultures and the intricacies in historical elements and anecdotal stories that often inspire the subject matter in her artworks.

Her work at #AlexBlakeCharlie:
Little Wonders: In this psychedelic mural, a feminine figure, representing Mother Earth, reclines in an Arcadia filled with larger-than-life depictions of life’s munificent gifts. These are typically very small wondrous creatures such as flying fish, hummingbirds and rare flora and fauna that are portrayed adrift in a sky canvas of violet, fuchsia and electric blue.


OHFUTON | Thailand

Instagram: @ohfuton

OH+ Hathairat aka OHFUTON is an influential person in the fields of design, film, music, writing and painting. Her bi-weekly columns for the Thairath online newspaper and LIPS Magazine, where she combined drawings with personal short stories, led to the publication of her books – Travelogue By OH+ and Travels with OH+. As a member of the band Futon, she played concerts in Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Her work at #AlexBlakeCharlie:
Hark Back: Depending on your experience, the same song can trigger wildly idiosyncratic emotions, as reflected in the four characters’ differing facial expressions.

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