Flock at The Nest Featuring Budak Pantai
SPACE USED | The Nest         PHOTO CREDITS | Aloysius Lim

Here’s something better than watching Budak Pantai live – getting up close and personal with the guys. If you had been lucky enough to catch them at Blue Moo, you would know that with an intimate and casual setting, Budak Pantai are at their best (and we are certainly not talking about behaviour). Come flock to the Nest if you enjoy music, humour and useless trivia – a Blue Moo evening with Budak Pantai you won’t find on any other island.

So come and get close to Budak Pantai on 26 August 2022 (Friday) at 7.30pm at The Nest in Pasir Panjang Power Station. Tickets at $35 are on sale now, so get your tickets before they are snapped up!

* Caution: do not use such language at home

Budak Pantai

Budak Pantai can be summed up in one word: “fun”. The quintet, billed as “five men and a guitar” and hence not exactly a cappella, have a well-earned reputation for being ceaselessly entertaining and irreverent. With five albums, one EP and numerous gigs under their belt, they are a hit everywhere they go, making audiences reportedly swoon, sing along and laugh out loud. Always adaptable and giving their best every time they perform live, they can easily belt out Christmas humdingers and ABBA evergreens as well as original zingers in English and Mandarin.


27 Pasir Panjang Road, S117537
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